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Q: Can I set the machine up and walk away from it?
A: No! The DA 3000 Motor Drive still requires you to be in front of the machine, monitoring operation, filling components, and performing quality control. The Motor Drive simply takes you pulling the handle out of the equation.

Q: Can I load unprocessed brass on the RL 1100 with the DA-3000?
A: Not recommended! While it is physically possible to load unprocessed brass, Dillon does not recommend loading with unprocessed brass. The key to loading accurately and at higher volumes is a smooth loading process. “Smooth is fast”. Processing your brass before loading greatly reduces the variables that can go wrong. For example, if a primer fails to come out while de-priming or were to get sucked back into the primer pocket, the machine would index around and try to seat a fresh primer on top of the old one. This greatly increases the risk of Primer Detonation. So, while it is possible it is not a recommended practice.

Q: Why am I bending Index roller bolts?
A: Bending the index roller bolt can only happen on the up stroke of the machine. This is the only time the bolt is in contact with the index lever. The two most common causes are:
1). A case not getting inserted into the shell plate correctly, jamming the machine, and bending the bolt. *Proper shell plate setup is critical for loading with a Motor Drive! The brass must make a smooth and seamless transition from the case feed plunger to the shell plate. Not lifting or dipping as it is inserted.*
2). A primer not coming out or being sucked partially back into the primer pocket. This can jam the shell plate as it tries to rotate and can bend the bolt. *One cannot guarantee that a primer will always come out or that it won’t get sucked back in. Having the Dillon PPS (primer pocket sensor) will help tremendously in this area.*

Q: Why is my DA-3000 not indexing correctly all the time?
The home switch on the back of the machine needs to be set up and configured exactly like it shows on page 46 of the manual. Improper configuration will prevent your machine from cycling correctly.
Secondly, if the chains are too loose, the motor will not count the steps correctly and lose its timing. Or if the set screws that hold the sprockets to their respective shafts come loose, the motor can’t count steps correctly and the machine can lose time.

Q: Why am I constantly having to re-adjust the indexing on my machine?
There’s a break-in period with the machine. After 25-30/K rounds, the index pawl will wear a radius groove in the face of it matching the radius on the holes in the shell plate. Once this occurs your adjustments should cease.

Q: Can I switch the DA-3000 from a CP-2000 to an RL 1100?
No, the DA-3000’s are machine specific.

Q: Can I run sensors from a competitor’s unit on the DA-3000?
No, the DA-3000 uses proprietary software and will not interface with other sensors.

Q: Can I process brass on the RL 1100 and then turn around and load that brass on the same RL 1100?
Yes! You can remove the powder and priming system to process and then re-install them to load.

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