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The Dillon Legacy Continues.

Welcome to the latest member of the Dillon family – Dillon Automation.

If you shoot or prep a large amount of ammo, think of us as your essential reloading partner, one that will help you get the most out of your Dillon Precision RL1100 Reloader & CP2000 Case Processing Machines.

And you won't void your Dillon reloader warranty!

We've put a lot of research into providing a great product that will help minimize the time you spend preparing cases and reloading large quantities of ammunition – but also preserve the durability and reliability of your Dillon reloading machine. The Dillon Automation DA3000 is our first product, limited quantities are available – $2399 for each model. US orders only.

The DA3000 is FAST! Prepare up to 3000 cases per hour on the CP2000 and reload up to 2000 rounds per hour on the RL1100. We tested our DA3000 for thousands of hours of operation and you are assured reliable and safe operation on your bench. The DA3000 features a one-button start, adjustable dwell & cycle rate and a built-in safety system.

Dillon prides itself on being a US-based manufacturer – we design everything in house – including the electronic controller on your DA3000. Nearly all our components are sourced in the USA and 100 percent of them are built right here in Scottsdale, Arizona.

One of the biggest issues with 3rd party auto drives was they voided the original Dillon warranty. When you purchase the DA3000, a standard One Year warranty is included - but we continue to honor the original warranty on your CP2000 or RL1100.

Our History

Mike Dillon got into the reloading equipment manufacturing business indirectly as a result of inheriting a Thompson submachine gun and a Star Machine Works reloading press from a friend who perished in a tragic plane crash. After loading .45 ACP rounds for the Thompson for a while, Mike acquired an M16 and wanted to see if he could load .223 Remington ammo. He contacted Star Machine Works and they told him it wouldn’t be possible with their reloading press, but offered to sell him a .380 ACP shellplate if he wanted to try to make it work on his own. Mike accepted the challenge, and it led him to manufacture the “Superstar Conversion” for Star reloaders.

After selling around 100 of these conversions people in the machine-gun hobby started asking Mike to manufacture a reloading machine that would load .30-06 ammunition. Starting from scratch, Mike designed his first Dillon Precision Product: the RL1000 reloading machine. The rest, as they say, is history. Dillon Precision Products, Inc. now manufactures six progressive machines for reloading metallic cartridges, a dedicated case-preparation machine, a progressive shotshell loader, and a semi-progressive machine for loading .50 BMG cartridges.

The obvious next step was to automate the reloading process, and now, with the Dillon Automation DA3000 Autodrive, two of Dillon Precision’s machines, the RL1100 reloader and CP2000 case processor can be automated without voiding Dillon Precision’s warranty. It’s possible to load 2000 rounds per hour with an RL1100 equipped with the DA3000, and you can process 3000 cases per hour with a DA3000-equipped CP2000!
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